The Facts


  • Within the Authority’s boundaries, there are:
    • Approximately 226 square miles
    • Estimated 315,000 people
    • 120 Water Districts
    • Includes the City of Katy
  •  To date, the Authority’s system includes:
    • One pump station
    • Approximately 51 miles of transmission mains
    • An electronic monitoring system
    • Web based GIS System
  • About Pump Station #1
    • Firm capacity of 37,500 gpm
    • Began operation on June 24, 2008
    • Construction cost = $16.3 million
    • Average Daily Flow 28.25 million gallons a day (MGD)
    • Currently, have three 5 Million Gallon (MG) tanks for a total storage capacity of 15 MG
    • Two 2MW Emergency Generators
  • WHCRWA Flows:
    • In 2009, the Authority delivered 11.2 MGD Surface Water (out of a total of 59.5 MGD demand)
    • In 2020, estimated 49.0 MGD Surface Water (out of an estimated total of 70.0 MGD demand)
    • In 2030, estimated 68.7 MGD Surface Water (out of an estimated 85.9 MGD demand)
  • Ongoing Projects
    • Luce Bayou — CWA Project for benefit of COH, WHCRWA, NFBWA, NHCRWA, CHCRWA
      • Transfers raw water from Trinity River to Lake Houston
    • Surface Water Supply Project — Joint WHCRWA/NFBWA
      • Projected 96” line, 40 miles long, carrying approximately 150 MGD of surface water.
      • From City of Houston’s NE Water Plant to West Harris County
      • Estimated cost — $680 million
    • Building the 2025 CIP System
    • Expanding existing system to close loops and meet existing development requests
    • Expansion of the City of Houston’s Northeast Water Purification Plant.

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