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The West Harris County Regional Water Authority was created by HB 1842, introduced by Rep. Callegari and sponsored in the Senate by Sen. Jon Lindsay. The bill was approved by the 77th Texas Legislature, signed into law by Governor Perry on May 28, 2001, and immediately went into effect. The City of Katy consented to the creation of the Authority on May 21, 2001, and the City of Houston consented on June 6, 2001.

The WHCRWA was created to “accomplish the purposes of Section 59, Article XVI, of the Texas Constitution, including the acquisition and provision of surface water and groundwater for residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, and other uses, the reduction of groundwater withdrawals, the conservation, preservation, protection, recharge, and prevention of waste of groundwater, and of groundwater reservoirs or their subdivisions, the control of subsidence caused by withdrawal of water from those groundwater reservoirs or their subdivisions, and other public purposes stated in the act.”

Texas Water Development Board has scheduled a Water Loss Audit Workshop for water utilities on Thursday February 15, 2018 in Houston, Tx from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (8:00 a.m. sign in). The workshop is located at the Fry Road Municipal Utility District Admin Bldg. at 20111 Saums Rd., Katy, Tx 77449.

For more information or to register for a workshop please contact Daniel Rice at 512-463-0987 or Daniel.Rice@twdb.texas.gov. Other workshops are being scheduled and may be available near you. Please visit our website at to see a full list.

The Water Loss Audit Workshop satisfies recent legislation pursuant to the 85th Texas Legislature House Bill 1573 requiring that water loss audits submitted to TWDB be completed by an individual trained in water loss auditing. The rule will become effective January 1, 2019 for the 2018 water loss audits. Attendance at a TWDB Water Loss Audit Workshop in 2017 retroactively satisfies this requirement.

Four hours of continuing education credits are available for licensed water operators.

For more information or to register yourself or other staff for a workshop please contact me before 4:00 p.m. at least one day prior to the event.

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