Resolution Adopting Encroachment Policy

Encroachment Application and Checklist 9.12.2023 – Please use the “CLICK HERE…” button on the Encroachment Application form to send your completed application to the appropriate personnel.

NOTE: You will need to download the fillable form to your computer. From your desktop, right click on the link above, then click on “save link as” in order to save the form. After the form is saved, open it in Adobe Acrobat, complete the form, then use the submit button located on the form to email the completed application to the Authority.

Please to do not modify the form other than completing the fillable fields. This form has been tested with its native software Adobe Acrobat Reader & Adobe Acrobat Pro. We recommend, if using Adobe Reader, you use Adobe Reader DC version 2022.003.20310 (or latest) for best results. This form will not work as designed in a web browser (i.e., Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc.).

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