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The size of each insert is 3.66 x 8.5 and it fits in a standard #10 envelope.

Billing Inserts available for districts in the WHCRWA

Seven Irrigation Tips
Seven Irrigation Tips
Heat of the day
Heat of the day
Only When Necessary
Only When Necessary
1 inch per week
Water no more than 1 inch per week
Only when needed
Water only when your yard needs it
Stormwater Pollution
Stormwater Pollution
Leaky Faucet
Leaky Faucet insert
Leaky Toilet
Leaky Toilet Insert
Stop those leaks
Stop those leaks insert
Shorter Showers
Take Shorter Showers insert
Dishwasher Insert
Washing Machine
Washing Machine Insert
Turn off the water
Turn off the water insert
Irry Heat of Day
Heat of the day
Irry Gator Mow only
Stormwater Pollution
Find Em and Fix Em
Find them and fix them
Water Less Save More Irry Gator
Water Less Save More Irry inserts
Grease insert
Grease insert

Brochures available for districts in WHCRWA

Rising Cost of Water (2024)

10 Things Brochure (2024)

Stormwater Pollution Brochure Outside

Stormwater Pollution Brochure Inside

Using Water Efficiently Outside

Using Water Efficiently Inside

YES Kids can conserve outside

YES Kids can conserve inside

Great Lawns Outside

Great Lawns Inside