Water Conservation Education

For more than a decade, the West Harris County Regional Water Authority (WHCRWA) has sponsored water conservation education programs for area students that are aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills guidelines (TEKS). The programs are offered at no charge to the schools in grades 2nd, 4th and 5th, and address multiple disciplines – science, social studies, language arts, and math.

When WHCRWA was created by the Texas Legislature in 1999, they faced an epic challenge. WHCRWA wast tasked to secure the future water supply, construct the new water delivery infrastructure, and generate the funding to accomplish it – all within a set timeframe. The enabling legislation also required the new agency to “promote water conservation.”

The residents within the WHCRWA’s boundaries knew very little about the changes on the horizon…in the source, delivery and price of their drinking water. A massive outreach effort – that included newsletters, brochures, Town Hall meetings, public forums and a comprehensive website – was launched. Keenly aware that it wouldn’t work to fix just half the problem, along with the coordination and construction of a new infrastructure, the WHCRWA also addressed the “demand” side of the issue. Almost from day one, a strong “use water efficiently” message was included in all communications efforts.

WHCRWA offers three Mobile Teaching Labs

  1. Water is Life Mobile Teaching Lab
  2. Water Quality Mobile Teaching Lab
  3. Learning from our past… to influence our future

Information on the Save Water Texas Assembly Programs.

These programs are also included at no cost to school’s within the boundaries of WHCRWA.

Watch the video below for information on our Teacher’s Workshops

Water is Life Education Program (Mobile lab 1)

The update and renovation of the WATER IS LIFE trailer has been temporarily suspended due to Covid-19 Virus restrictions. The Mobile labs will return to service when they can operate within the State’s guidelines and will be available to the Districts and educators at no charge.

Water Quality Mobile Teaching Lab (Mobile lab 2)

The Mobile Teaching Lab contains information on:

  • Stormwater Pollution;
  • Fats, Oils, and Grease (F.O.G.) – Put Grease in its place;
  • Patty Potty, NO WIPES IN THE PIPES;

Learning from our past… to influence our future (Mobile lab 3)

The West Harris County Regional Water Authority (WHCRWA) provides a Mobile Teaching Lab for use by teachers at Katy ISD’s 37 elementary school campuses and by MUDs within the Authority boundaries.. The traveling social studies/science “classroom” was developed by SaveWaterTexas in collaboration with a team of KISD educators and curriculum specialists.

The Lab emphasizes the theme “Learning from our past…to impact our present…to influence our future.” Interactive exhibits include

  • a 3-D Texas history timeline that takes the students from the Ice Age through 1900;
  • a stormwater runoff pollution waterfall component;
  • and interactive tablets that allow students to test their “water” knowledge and consider future choices when it will be their turn to address water supply issues – conservation, reuse and technology.
  • There is a complete Teacher’s Guide notebook for educators to prepare for the Lab’s visit to their campus, and an instructional video on the website that includes operational details.